Presentations from past events

An Introduction to the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) and the Envision Framework

July 2020


NEFCAP - Envision - BC Construction Roundtable Presentation.pdf

BCCR Presentation - VFPA's CEP-SSAP LLR and GIG.pdf

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Major Infrastructure Investments

June 2020

2020-05-06 - VFPA Presentation - BC Construction Roundtable (CS and directors).pdf

Annual General Meeting featuring The Builders Code

May 2020


Builders Code Overview.pdf

YVR's Expansion Plans

April 2019

YVR Expansion Presentation

Canadian Infrastructure Bank: Has Our Infrastructure Savior Arrived?

November 2018

Canada Infrastructure Bank Presentation

Metro Centre Oakridge — An Eight Year Project

October 2018

Cambie Corridor Presentation

Annual General Meeting

March 2018

Kevin Desmond's Keynote Presentation

Viaducts Replacement Project: Unlocking Vancouver's Last Piece of Downtown

February 2018

Peter Cohen's Presentation

Talent Crisis: The Predicted Knowledge Shortage Has Arrived

January 2018

Future of Engineering Education Presentation

Canadian Construction Association — Construction Industry Update

April 2017

Gilbert Brulotte's Presentation

Economic Forecast for 2017

January 2017

Ken Peacock's Presentation

Climate Change — What the Construction Industry Needs to Know

October 2016

John Readshaw's Presentation

Annual General Meeting

March 2016

John Lenahan's Presentation

Pacific NorthWest LNG

February 2016

Tessa Gill's Presentation

Festive Season Reception

December 2015

Ian Birtwell's Christ Church Cathedral Renewal Presentation

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project

October 2015

Cliff Stewart's Project Development Presentation

Site C — Clean Energy Project

May 2015

Susan Yurkovich's Project Overview Presentation

Infrastructure Development — The Key to Growing BC's Economy

November 2014

Stan Weismiller's Infrastructure Development Presentation

Gaining Traction in an Unstable World: BC's Economic Prospects Through 2015

September 2014

Ken Peacock's Economic Impacts on the Construction Presentation

Forging Partnerships Building Relationships

January 2014

Building Relationships Presentation

LNG Prince Rupert — The Next Boom or Bust for BC

October 2013

Gerry Fraser's LNG Prince Rupert Presentation

Confederation Line — Moving Ottawa's Population Faster

November 2013

Rodger Woodhead's Confederation Line Presentation

Waste Not Want Not — Converting Wastewater to Energy

February 2013

Jack Hull's Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program Presentation

Taking the Pulse of the Construction Industry

January 2013

Keith Sashaw's Economic Health of the Construction Industry Presentation

Festive Season Reception

December 2012

Alan Hart's Vancouver Towers Presentation

Northern Gateway Pipelines Project

October 2012

John Carruthers' Northern Gateway Pipelines Project Presentation

Tsawwassen — Your Next Shopping Destination

March 2012

Chris Hartman's TFN Presentation

YVR Capital Plan Taking Flight — The Next Ten Years

November 2011

John Lenahan's YVR Progress Presentation

Shaken not Stirred! How Will the Lower Mainland Survive and Earthquake?

June 2011

Full Earthquake Presentation

Gambling on the Future of False Creek

October 2010

Michael Gordon's Future Waterfront Construction Presentation

How to Respond to the Changing Economy

June 2009

Changing Economy Presentation

BC Hydro's Strategic Procurement

February 2009

Bill Earis's Capital Program Presentation

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