BCCR is served by three Committees: Programming, Membership and Engagement, and Promotion, Sponsorship and Special Events. All members are welcome to participate in Committees however space is limited. Please contact our President, Jesse Unke, if you are interested in joining a Committee.


Programming Committee:

David Collings – Consultant PM with CJI (Chair)

Amanda Farrell – Owner with Transportation Investment Corporation

Ali Azizian – Consultant Engineer with Tetra Tech

Mary Chow – Consultant Architect with HDR

Harvie Buitelaar – Consultant Engineer with Hatch

Ryan Andrews – Civil Contractor with PCL

Cheryl Nelms – Metro Vancouver

Membership and Engagement Committee:

Brad Gunnlaugson – Civil Contractor with Pomerleau (Chair)

Ryan MacPherson – Consultant Engineer with SNC

Mark Robinson – Lawyer with McLean & Armstrong LLP

Jeannine Martin - Carlson Construction

Promotion, Sponsorship and Special Events Committee:

Phil O’Neil – Consultant Engineer with O’M Engineering (Co-Chair)

Ryan Smith – Consultant Engineer with Stantec (Co-Chair)

Jesse Unke – Consultant PM with RAM

Mary Chow – Consultant Architect with HDR

Met Ulker – Independent Engineer (Semi-Retired Consultant)

Devan Fitch – Port of Vancouver

Upcoming events


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