Climate Change – What the Construction Industry Needs to Know


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The expected climate change related sea level rise will impact shorelines and the infrastructure of coastal BC. What does this mean, what does the construction industry need to know and what are some of the predicable options? The opportunities, needs and likely role of the construction industry in the range of response options will be outlined and what the most constructive measures that the industry should be taking or leading will be presented for discussion. What will be the implications to coastal communities and the lower mainland? How will the construction industry adapt and how can the industry help? The presentation will include information on the origins of rising sea levels, historical sea level rise and what is different this time. Information on the 2011 Provincial Guideline will be provided with an update including revised scenarios.

Our speaker, John Readshaw, B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Eng. has over 39 years of experience covering the full range of the coastal and ocean engineering areas of practice and extensive project and project management experience with a wide range of port and coastal oriented projects. In his professional practice, Mr. Readshaw has acquired a broad knowledge of, and experience with, coastal engineering issues in British Columbia waters and has also undertaken many assignments throughout the world, including consulting and construction related projects, which bring useful insight into the solution of local coastal engineering challenges. Mr. Readshaw was the coastal engineer for the first beach marsh project present on the north side of the main arm of the Fraser River (circa 1978). He was the lead author for three of the updated Provincial Guidelines related to Sea-Dikes and the impact of Sea Level Rise, and he also provided the coastal engineering expertise for the Provincial Guideline for Coastal Floodplain Mapping. Further to this work, he is the engineering advisor to the Technical Working Group of the GreenShoresTM program that has considered many aspects of expected sea level rise and its effect on the BC shoreline in a rising sea level scenario. Mr. Readshaw maintains an active interest, concern and ongoing professional practice in the increasingly important next stages of planning and implementation of adaptation to the challenges of the marine side of ongoing climate change implications.

Thursday, October 13, 2016, 7:30 – 9:00 am

Terminal City Club, 837 West Hastings St, Vancouver

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Non-Members – $70

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