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Being Prepared: Day to Day Transportation of People and Goods During the 2010 Winter Games

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Individuals and companies have started to ask how they should plan their day to day operations and activities during the period of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (“the Games”). Part of the question involves having an understanding of what the transportation plan for Vancouver and surround will look like and how staff and goods will move through and around the City during this period.

Dale Bracewell is a professional engineer and has worked in the Transportation Division of Engineering Services at the City of Vancouver for the last nine years. He holds a Master’s degree in Transportation and his experience includes working for both municipal and provincial governments and the private sector. Dale is currently the Director of Olympic Transportation and is responsible for coordinating the City’s transportation planning and operations with VANOC (Vancouver Organizing Committee) and other transportation partners for the Olympics.

Dale will discuss the City’s proposed transportation concept plan for the period of the Games, the various objectives, challenges, considerations and alternatives that lead to the development of this concept plan.

Thursday, January 22, 2009