BCCR Summer Social @MadLab

Celebrate summer with the BCCR at one of Vancouver’s true Micro Distilleries, Mad Lab Distilling (www.madlabdistilling.com). Mad Lab Distilling is a Craft Distillery that offers Hand Crafted Vodka, Gin, Whisky, Raki (Turkish Anise Drink) and the only alcoholic Kombucha in Canada. It is a multiple award-winning micro distillery, with a focus on carefully crafted, and artfully developed spirits. Using locally grown grain, and very hands on techniques, Mad Laboratory products will wow you and leave you wanting more. Mad Laboratory began to be realized early 2013. The owners scrounged and borrowed, re-purposed and rebuilt the equipment needed to set up the basics. With a tremendous amount of support from friends and family a logo and label were designed, a still was built, fermentation tanks installed, fire suppression upgraded, the locations drainage and ventilation upgraded, plans drawn, re-drawn, and re-drawn again.

The Mad Lab still was built from donated tanks and put together by a talented welder in the configuration that would produce the finest end product. Direct-fire pot still, with a thumper and shotgun condenser, allowing it to produce a smooth spirit, with the ability to retain flavours that it wanted to remain in the finished product. The flame from the still provides a toasty, almost caramel like finish, making Mad Laboratory spirits a rich and wonderful experience. All this brought Mad Lab to where it is today, producing a fantastic spirit, something it is proud of, and hope to continue on long into the future.

Each guest registration will include two tickets for cocktails prepared using Mad Lab products. There will be a tour and information session about the distilling process. Mad Lab products can also be purchased at special prices for BCCR guests.

There will also be finger food and a cash bar for beer and wine.

Thursday, July 18, 2019 6:00 – 10:00 pm

119 – 618 East Kent St. South Vancouver (close to Marine Dr and Fraser St)
Parking is on site.

Members: $45
Guests: $45

Space is limited due to the small size of the distillery so don’t delay – register now.

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